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Bower Trading is a full service commodities brokerage that is dedicated to serving investors and hedgers of all varieties. Investors of all types, both seasoned and beginning, can benefit from the commodities markets with both hedging and speculative accounts. The markets offer a chance for great excitement and financial diversification when used properly and within one's means.

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Jim Bower has used his experience in the commodities market by traveling the globe and educating many through insightful lectures regarding market analysis and trading strategies. Jim Bower offers lectures to farm groups, Colleges and Universities, Corporations, Financial Lending Institutions, Trade Associations, Global Alliance Groups, and many more. To learn how you can hear from Jim Bower click below.

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At Bower Trading, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing a customized service to each of our clients. Everyone's investment and hedging needs vary, and that is why we go the extra mile understanding your needs and goals. If you are curious to know more about what we can offer or want to experience first hand the Bower trading experience please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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