Diversify Your Investments

People are attracted to futures markets speculation after hearing stories about the amount of wealth that can be made trading futures. While there are success stories, there are also those who strive for the top, but never reach it.

Many of Bower Trading clients have achieved success in futures trading. The keys to their success are recognition of inherent risks, hard work, a disciplined approach, and a dedication to master their trades. We help get you started and maintain ongoing focus.

Scalpers, day traders, positional traders, and investors looking to diversify their portfolios should consider using commodities as a tool for return. We know each investor has a different degree of risk tolerance, but because of the higher degree of risk in the futures market, one should diversify no more than 5-8% of his risk capital in futures. Options are a different story.

The futures market gives you a large variety of commodities to trade and diversify your money in multiple markets. Here is a list of major futures markets commodities and currencies to choose from:

Grains Livestock Energies Metals Softs Currency
Corn Lean Hogs Crude Oil Gold Sugar Euro
Soybeans Live Cattle Unleaded Gas Silver Cocoa US Dollar
Wheat (SRW,HRW,HRS) Feeder Cattle Natural Gas Copper Cotton Swiss Franc
Soy Oil Heating Oil Coffee British Pound
Soy Meal OJ Yen
Oats Canadian Dollar
Daily Market Letter Daily Market Letter

The Market Letter will give you an intimate knowledge of these current market conditions from an experienced professional that will allow you to view the market like never before.

Speculative Accounts Speculative Accounts

As the investor decides the trades, Mr. Bower and account executives personally give advice to each of their clients as to the continuing changing market conditions in any given situation.

Hedging Accounts Hedging Accounts

Our staff has decades of experience from both behind a desk and in the production aspect, thus allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible.