Speculative Accounts

Speculative accounts are meant for investment purposes only and do not have underlying hedging motives. These types of accounts allow for a great deal of personalization as one can invest in any market, whether it’s soybeans or foreign currencies. As the investor decides the trades, Bower Trading personally give advice to you as to the continuing changing market conditions in any given situation.

Speculative accounts are subject to margin calls and have fixed rate commission schedules. Individual speculative accounts do require the investor to take an active role in your investments in deciding when to get in and out of the market. The challenge of the futures market is one that will keep both the novice and seasoned investor busy with its moves and patterns that vary greatly from that of the stock markets.

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Daily Market Letter Daily Market Letter

The Market Letter will give you an intimate knowledge of these current market conditions from an experienced professional that will allow you to view the market like never before.

Speculative Accounts Speculative Accounts

As the investor decides the trades, Mr. Bower and account executives personally give advice to each of their clients as to the continuing changing market conditions in any given situation.

Hedging Accounts Hedging Accounts

Our staff has decades of experience from both behind a desk and in the production aspect, thus allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible.